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22 March 2012
In early March this year six kindergartens were left without electricity in the Tatarstan city of Yelabuga. The cause of this accident was the damage to the power line as a result of the impact of construction machinery.
In recent months, only in Tatarstan took place over two hundred similar cases, most of which relate to carrying out construction work.
Since the republic is now actively preparing to host the Universiade in 2013, construction volume is greatly increased, and with them has increased and the number of accidents.
What happens is not only in Tatarstan. And residents of Vladivostok, where it ends preparation for the APEC summit, and Sochi residents on the eve of the Olympics have regularly faced with communal inconvenience caused by the various incidents in the works.
However, such incidents do not happen only in projects of national significance, but also in the daily activities of hundreds of companies across Russia. It can be assumed that the annual loss from these delays are estimated millions of rubles and thousands of hours of wasted time.
But the vast majority of such incidents can be prevented. And if to protect overhead power lines in the first place may be due to increasing labor discipline and observance of all rules of work, the "stand up" for the underground utilities to help modern design. Including those that offer their own construction equipment manufacturers.
For example, US-based Bobcat in late 2011 began selling optsialnyh tracks for compact loaders. They are made of special flexible rubber and do not include in its design lugs. In this regard, the work truck with treads not result in damage to the sod cover on expensive lawns, and ensures complete safety of drainage and irrigation pipes laid at shallow depths, as well as underground utilities.
"Most cases of damage to underground utilities due to the fact that the conduct of corresponding work is random, that is, builders do not have exact information, just where the pipe. The use of special equipment to completely solve the problem. For example, the locator company RIDGID make it possible to search for underground utility mains supply quickly, accurately and reliably. All necessary information is displayed on the graphic display. Thanks to the builders are fully insured against making mistakes, "- says Anton Milyushkin, sales engineer of RIDGID, a leading global manufacturer of hand and power tools.
These and other solutions will improve the efficiency of labor in construction, while preserving the nerves of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the country.
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