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Grundfos MULTILIFT lifting stations

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06 August 2012

Grundfos MULTILIFT lifting stations are advanced, cost-effective solutions designed to collect domestic wastewater inside a building and lift it to a higher level in case sanitary appliances are located below the backwater level.

The MULTILIFT is perfect for new buildings as well as for retrofit installation.The unit consists of a robust and tight tank, motor(s), level detection, controller and non-return valve. The unit comes preassembled, ready to install.

The proven, reliable system is available as single- as well as two-pump units. With six tank sizes from 44 l to 450 l and up to nine pump sizes for each tank, the unit can be tailored to drain a building of any scale – from the basement of a single-family house up to a huge shopping mall.

Powerful pumps with special hydraulics reliably handle typical solids and fibres from domestic wastewater. Despite the compact footprint of merely 0.25 to 1.6 m², the units are capable of draining from 1,680 l to 14,400 l per hour.

Thanks to the superior design, service and maintenance costs are down to a minimum.

Located at the basement of any type of building, MULTILIFT lifting stations are suitable for applications such as:

    protecting sanitary appliances against backwater from sewer system
    enabling drain where sanitary appliances are located below the drain pipe level or far from downpipe
    draining entire buildings in hilly locations as a cost-effective alternative to pumping stations
    draining buildings located far from mains, thus avoiding heavy, costly excavation work for gravity draining
    discharging wastewater in buildings where basement levels have been converted; MULTILIFT uses the existing drain pipes, and you avoid changing pipes outside the building.

Features and benefits

    Fully automatic operation and surveillance by means of smart controllers
    complete pre-assembled units, including all connection material
    robust, pressure and odour tight tanks made of wastewater resistant polyethylene with very compact footprint
    highly advanced tank, level sensor and pump design for highly reliable operation and wastewater discharge
    easy, clean and fast service due to location of pumps, level sensor and valves outside the tank
    two-pump units ensuring drainage, also in case of service or malfunction of one pump.

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