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New Testo equipment

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15 August 2011

Testo AG presents digital manifold testo 550 and digital refrigeration control systems testo 570.

With the clamp probe included in delivery it can measure the surface temperature of pipes quickly and accurately. At the same time, two pressure sensors measure high and low pressure quickly and precisely, and calculate the temperatures. Two temperature inputs guarantee the simultaneous calculation and display of superheating and subcooling.

The robust housing and the 2-way metal valve block with three connections guarantee it is always ready to go. The suspension hook ensures secure attachment during measurement. Large figures and a backlit display allow fast readout, even in the dark. Two direct buttons offer you two further advantages – one for the display of MIN/MAX/MEAN, and the other for instant access to 31 selectable refrigerants. Refrigerant flow can be monitored through a sight glass.

The new digital manifold testo 570 offers you all you need for your work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

  • 4-way valve block with 4 connections, 4 hose parkers and sight glass
  • Integrated vacuum measurement supports evacuation of the system
  • Heat pump mode and display of high and low pressure as well as temperature
  • Temperature-compensated tightness testing
  • Additional calculation of superheating and subcooling
  • Computer-supported monitoring of a system with up to 72h of measurement value recording
  • ‘EasyKool’ software with extended features
  • Refrigerant management and administration of exact filling levels
  • 40 refrigerants stored
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