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Changes for MDV chillers

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07 November 2011
MDV, climatic equipment manufacturer, announced several changes in the LSBLGCW  air cooled chillers series with a twin-screw compressor.

The chillers family was considerably widened. Previously only devices with the capacity 250, 350 and 600 W were available. Now the customers could choose 360, 450, 600, 720, 800 and 900 W versions.

The supplier of the screw compressors was changed. Previously it was a Chinese company Fusheng, but now it is Bitzer, a German leading manufacturer of refrigerant compressors.

The applicable ambient temperature range widened from 20°C to 10°C. The heat exchanger shape was changed from V-shape to M-shape which caused the noise reduction during operation, increased efficiency and easy access for the service. The modular 

Maximum 8 units can be combined into 1 controlling system, which consists of 1 master unit and 7 slave units, in case that one of the units failed, the other units still running normally. So the combined capacity can be up to 7200 kW. The environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a with a zero ozone depletion potential is used in the MDV chillers.

Company JAC is the exclusive distributor of MDV equipment in Russia and CIS countries.
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