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New Daikin products

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09 November 2011
Outdoor Daikin units RXYQ5…18P9 (with a minimal occupied surface) and RXY(H)Q8…12P9 (with an increased efficiency) have now a number of additional capabilities.

First of all a ‘High sensible mode’ should be mentioned. It allows the VRV system to work with increased sensible capacity in cooling mode, resulting in higher efficiency and improved comfort.

In standard high sensible mode, the system uses an increased evaporation temperature, resulting in higher efficiency and higher comfort thanks to the high air discharge temperatures. The system can switch to high-power mode in the case of very high cooling loads, ensuring that a comfortable temperature can be reached in a minimum amount of time. Whereas in locked evaporation temperature mode (11°C), the high air discharge temperatures remain at all times, eliminating the risk of cold draughts. High sensible cooling modes not only increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary dehumidification, they also guarantee the absolute optimum in indoor climate.

The level difference between indoor units is also increased and makes up now 30 m. The operational characteristics indication on the outdoor units was improved and has become more comfortable for maintenance service engineers.
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