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Air valves CBK-HC

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07 November 2011

Arctos plant presents air valves with heating option which are designed for the regions with cold climate. The air valves series includes nine products with the sizes from 300x150 mm up to 1000x500 mm. You made order special valve edition with the width up to 2500 mm and hight up to 2400 mm.

The air valve СВК-НС construction has a rectangular case with rotary jalousie, in every joint of the jalousie there is a turbular electric heating element. These heating elements help to warm the valve and jalousie in the case of freezing. The functionality of the valve remains by very low outdoor temperature over -60°C.

The valves СВК-НС are manufactured with a universal platform for an electric or manual drive.

A detailed information about air valves СВК-НС you can find on the manufacturer web-site or by the company specialists.

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