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New products from ARIArmaturen

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16 August 2011
Genman enterprise ARIArmaturen is a successful manufacturer of high quality accessories for HVAC systems, steam systems etc. Manufacturing capabilities of ARI-Armaturen includes three plants in Germany. Group of companies Magistral is an official partner of ARI-Armaturen for more than 10 years.

This year ARI-Armaturen has introduced several new products:
1) Global valves ARI-Faba Supra-I (for challenging industrial applications) and Supra-C (for chemical plants) till DN400 for industry, powerstations, flue gas purification plant, processing technology, gas supply, vapour facilities, recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, hot water, thermal oil applications, general plant manufacturing, etc. Retrofitting with pneumatic actuator;
2) Control valves ARI-Stevi PN63, 100 и 160 and DN15-100;
3) Global valves ARI-Stobu PN63, 100 и 160;
4) Y-pattern process valves ARI-Stevi AS with stainless steel actuator ATG125.

ARI-Faba Supra-I, Supra-C
Supra-I is a reliable product due to the reinforced bellows (10,000 complete cycles) – welded to the top part of the body, the increased resistance to water hammer (bellows protected by cover), the rugged plug / stem guide (permits higher differential pressures), the double-wall bellows seal, welded seat, the secondary seals (back sealing of the valve plug on the bellows cover and additional emergency stuffing box seal to
atmosphere with gland follower), the option of welding the top part of the body to the bottom part, the option of a one or two-piece (couple divided) stem (for example, for retrofitting with an actuator).
Supra-C have the reinforced – and medium contacted – bellows that is welded to the top part of the body (10,000 complete cycles), the additional stem guide via the parabolic plug (permits higher differential pressures).

ARI-Stevi for the pressure up to PN 160:
• Robust design due to the double guided plug (standard from DN 80 – facilitates higher differential pressures).
• Flexible due to the wide range of applications - body made from cast steel (1.0619+N) or heat-resistant cast steel (1.7379, up to 550°C) – with flanges or butt weld ends.
• Versatile due to the modular system (with more than ten electric or pneumatic actuator variants).
• Highly resistant to wear due to the stellited sealing edge (optional).
• Efficient due to the pressure balancing plug (makes economy a key criterion when selecting the actuator – optional).
• Durable due to the extended bonnet (optional).
• Optimally adjustable due to the linear or equal-percentage characteristic.
• Significantly reduced noise levels due to the perforated plug (optional).

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