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New Soler&Palau product

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19 April 2012
OZEO-E are the whole house extract units ensuring permanent renewal of air in individual houses. The unit is complemented with self-adjusting extraction BAR valves, installed in kitchen, toilets, bathrooms and self-regulated air inlets located in the main dining room and bedrooms.
Three-speed motor (with two adjustments for the Ecowatt model).
4x125 mm inlets, with built in sealing gasket. For bathrooms and toilets that can be
dismantled, pivoting 90є.
1x125 mm outlet that enables used air to be extracted outside. This duct pivots 360є.
1 radio frequency remote control (Only for Ecowatt RF Model).
3 caps to seal unused inlets.
1 template to facilitate fi tting on the ceiling or wall.
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