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New Ostberg fans

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26 April 2012
The Arctic Company is pleased to announce the expansion of the range of energy-efficient fans with electronically commutated motors (EC motors), manufactured by OSTBERG.

Now new models have been added to the already well-established fans:
• ducted fans CK EC;
• ducted fans in an insulated housing IRB EU for rectangular ducts;
• roof fans TKS EC.
Fans OSTBERG with the EU-engines have a number of advantages:
• Low power consumption. The high efficiency of the engine (90%), reducing operating costs by at least 30%
• Smooth and precise adjustment. Fan control is carried out by a control signal of 0-10 V. When the values ​​of the control signal changes the fan speed, and delivers as much air as needed for the ventilation system
• Starting currents are minimized, since the built electronic control system when running the fan continuously brings the current value of the minimum values ​​to the worker. This allows you to save on wiring and switching equipment
• Built-in protection against overheating of the motor and electronics, as well as protection for locked rotor
• Low level of noise in low speed mode
• High reliability and long service life due to the absence of sliding electrical contacts in the engine.

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