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New LG air conditioner

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10 February 2012
LG Electronics announced the beginning of deliveries of new inverter air conditioners premium series PRESTIGE to Russia in March 2012.
The flagship Prestige Inverter V is at the peak of technological developments in the field of air conditioning systems, combining:
1) The latest advanced air filtration system, which helps to take care of health;
2) extremely low noise level 17 dB;
3) significantly improved energy efficiency;
4) The stylish design and the texture of the indoor unit with a sliding front panel.

First of all PRESTIGE Inverter V is equipped with the latest technology cleaning Air Plasmaster, which is the next stage of evolution is well-known in the market filter Plasma, study and improvement of which LG Electronics has shone for many years. Plasma technology is the fourth state of matter, besides solid, liquid and gaseous state, in which positive and negative ions interact with water molecules contained in the air. Thanks to the successful application of this technology, LG Electronics offers a range of innovative features to the health care in its new air conditioner.
The suggested retail price of the air conditioner LG Prestige Inverter V - 54 490 rubles.
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