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Uponor MLCP system range

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30 July 2012

Uponor MULTI-LAYERED pipes provide high flexibility and excellent resistance to tough onsite conditions. They withstand high pressure and temperature changes.  Uponor pipes provide maximum safety and reliability, reducing the maintenance costs to a minimum, making it the first choice for radiator connections and plumbing.

MLCP unites positive material properties of both plastics and metal. Combined with our smart connection system and its assembly friendliness, the MLCP system is an excellent investment in the future. Uponor offers complete solutions for a wide range of installations – whether tap water or radiator connection. Uponor systems are designed to meet the strictest requirements for safety, comfort, and ease of installation. In other words, we deliver complete systems that work reliably. Whether you are planning to equip a new house or renovate an existing one, it is the versatility of the Uponor MLCP system that makes it 100% suitable for your plans.

With the five layer composite pipe, Uponor has developed an advanced product that brings together the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and at the same time eliminates the disadvantages of both materials. This offers product advantages that are second to none. The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight, prevents the ingress of oxygen, and compensates the snap-back forces. The system is designed for easy and safe pipe installation: simply bend, cut to length, join, and press.

The Uponor MLCP system range of plumbing products with Uponor MLCP, the inhouse produced metal and PPSU fittings and the wide range of tools and accessories are designed for complete installation from the house connection to the final fixture. The accessories include pressing tools and jaws, cutting and bending tools, and accessories for radiator and tap water connection. Using our tools and accessories ensures full system warranty. That means we have tested the entire system range of pipes, fittings, and pressing jaws as a complete system. 

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