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New series of air conditioners Fujitsu

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05 June 2012

United Elements company informed about the delivery start of new wall-mounted air conditioners series Fujitsu Practica Plus (09/12 LLC) to the Russian market.
These models have advantages over the previous series of air conditioners Practica (09/12 LKC).
New air conditioners feature stylish design: a new panel was added which can be easily removed.
Increased efficiency was obtained by refining of DC-rotary compressor, heat exchanger design and inverter technology.
That is why all models feature a high efficiency class A.
The noise level of air conditioners mees the highest standards, so you can place these air conditioners in the bedrooms, classrooms and other areas where silence is required.
One of the advantages of new air conditioners will be less power consumption (the unit  operates at reduced power consumption).
Despite all the advantages of Series Practica Plus it will be cheaper the earlier and become more affordable for consumers.

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