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Low-speed air distributors 2ВНВ

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13 December 2011
The company "Arctic" presents you the new low-speed supply air 2VNV production of "Arktos".
     Air Terminal 2VNV designed for flush mounting in a wall or in the interior elements. Built-in flush, air as a "merge" with the interior and do not take up valuable space of the room.

Low-speed supply air 2VNV exercise direct air directly into the work zone on the principle of displacement ventilation, providing a high level of comfort. When displacement ventilation, supply air enters the lower zone of the room and gradually, with a low rate, spread, moving up through the convective heat sources (computers, appliances, people, etc.), pushing the contaminated air masses formed in the lower layers of the premises .
     Air Terminal 2VNV applicable to all types of premises - a social, administrative and industrial (offices, restaurants, conference halls, museums, sports facilities, etc.) facilities that require clean air directly into the work zone.
     Coloration produced by the diffusers powder coated in white (RAL 9016), commissioned painting can be in any color with RAL.
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