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Nexura FVXG-K / RXG-K from Daikin

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16 August 2011

Daikin presents a new premium-class air conditioner Nexura FVXG-K / RXG-K with unique floor indoor units on the Russian market. The radiant panels are their main distinguishing feature. They  may be heated to +55°C due to the freon circuit (without using an electric heater). Heating of the room is realized not only due to the warm air recirculation through the  indoor unit fan but thanks to the radiant heat panel. It helps to achieve a very low noise level (about 19 dB in the heating mode).

Nexura air conditioners are designed by an inverter technology and their efficiency are 2.5, 3.5 and 5.0 kW. Systems operate on ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant and have energy class «A» (EER is up to 4.55; COP is up to 4.36). Operating outside air temperature are in range from –10 to +46°C during the cooling and from –15 to +18°C during the heating.

Weekly timer (up to 4 events per day) makes it possible to make personalized schedule for automatic on-off of the air conditioner and the to set the temperature values for each day of the week. The maximum pipeline length can reach 30 m, the level difference between the blocks can reach 20 m.

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