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New EU regulation for circulation pumps

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26 September 2011
With the aim of considerably reducing the total power consumption of glandless circulation pumps within the EU, a new EU regulation under the auspices of the European Ecological Design Directive will come into force on 1 January 2013. In several stages, the regulation will impose increasingly stricter requirements for the energy efficiency of newly-sold glandless circulation pumps. The limit values for external pumps and pumps in heat generators and solar stations will be considerably tightened again in the second stage on 1 August 2015 and glandless circulation pumps integrated in heat generators will also be included.
As a result of the EU regulation on glandless pumps, an energy saving of 23 terawatt hours of power per year should be achieved until 2020 for the European Union as a whole. This corresponds to the power generated by about six medium-sized coal-fired power stations, or a reduction in EU-wide CO2 emissions of about 11 million tonnes per year.
In the current Wilo-Stratos and Wilo-Stratos PICO high-efficiency single pump series, WILO SE, the Dortmund-based pump specialist, offers a complete range of products for the various building services requirements. This range of products also already exceeds all the stricter requirements applicable as of 2015. Both series are therefore "ErP-ready", meaning that they are completely future-proof for Europe. This is because the Wilo high-efficiency pumps have extremely low power-consumption values due to an advanced electronic control and the innovative EC motor technology. The electronically controlled glandless circulation pumps with maintenance-free frequency converters automatically adjust their power to the changing operating status of the heating system. Especially in the partial load range, which makes up as much as 94% of the operating time of a heating pump, a considerable reduction in power consumption can be achieved compared to an uncontrolled pump.
TÜV SÜD (German Technical Inspection Association South) calculated an average annual power consumption of only 46.5 kWh for a typical detached house, according to the standard measuring procedure of Euro pump's voluntary agreement on energy efficiency class rating. With an energy saving potential of 90 % in comparison to uncontrolled standard pumps, the pump only consumes half as much power as that required in the current top energy efficiency class A. This makes Wilo-Stratos PICO more efficient than any other pump in this efficiency class.

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