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Multi-conical ceiling diffusers SMK

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23 December 2011
Company Arctica announce the sales of multi-conical ceiling diffusers SMK which are manufactured by Polar Bear
Multi-conical exhaust diffuser for ceiling installation SMK are designed for usage in offices, shops or similar premises with big spaces or high ceilings (sport centres, exhibition halls, supermarkets, plants, railway stations, hangars etc.) where it is necessary to provide distribution of great air amounts for long distances.

Construction of the multi-conical ceiling diffusers SMK include case with an incoming pipe, within the case there is a central set of cylinders with conical outlet. By changing the position of a central set one of the two air supply variants could be chosen - compact (conical outlet is directed inside the air distributor) or conical stream (conical outlet is directed outside the air distributor). If it is necessary the air steam deviation ±20° from the air distributor axis of symmetry could be carried out.
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