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Climate World 2012

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12 March 2012
March 12 to 15, 2012, in Moscow traditionally is to be held the main event of HVAC & R industry: exhibition "Climate World 2012". This time it will be hosted not in one but in two pavilions of the Exhibition Complex "EXPOCENTER". At the Exhibition will be represented many new companies which did not take part at the "Climate World" before. Business program of the Exhibition is expanded significantly as compared to the previous exhibitions. Here is the detailed description of the Business program of his year.

The organizers of the Exhibition are: the Russian biggest trade association in the field of HVAC & R - Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC) and the Exhibition Company "Euroexpo". The Exhibition "Climate World" is not only a demonstration of the technical innovations in the industry; it is also a place to assess the results of the season, to discuss the ways to meet current challenges and to make plans for the nearest future. Now the main concerns of the industry are the phasing out of refrigerant R-22, energy efficiency of engineering systems, the possible imposition of customs duty on air conditioners, the beginning of a real work of non-commercial self-regulated organizations. And of course, there exist the "eternal" questions: "What will be the weather in the new season?" and "When will the new round of crisis begin?"

The exhibition organizers try to provide HVAC&R companies with a maximum of tools for successful work. In 2012 the exhibition "Climate World" will be held for the eighth time, and is expected to be the largest one. So far, the record was set by the pre-crisis 2008 exhibition. Then the exposition area was 19 000 m2. The exposition area of "Climate World 2012" would exceed 23 000 m2, it would occupy the second and the most of the eighth pavilion of the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre" on Krasnaya Presnya. The pavilions are connected by a heated gallery, so there won’t be any inconvenience for visitors to move over a large exhibition area, they would be able to see the entire exhibition without going outside.

As usual, the exhibition will be not only a presentation of new HVAC equipment, but also important for the discussion of what is going on at the market. Within the framework of the business program of the exhibition "Climate World 2012" the leading industry expert G. Litvinchuk will present a forecast for 2012 season. There also will be held an organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) conference on the implementation of the Project of UNIDO / GEF / Environment Ministry of Russia for phasing out ozone-depleting substances. The leading experts, coordinators and project managers will tell the conference what is being done now and what will be done in future to replace the equipment which use the most popular refrigerant R22.

It's not a secret that a sudden ban on the import of hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC), which include R22, seriously affected the HVAC industry. Is clear that the phasing out of HCFC will have a lot of serious consequences. The matter is that natural refrigerants which should replace HCFC, are often toxic or flammable, or are otherwise dangerous. It again raises the painful question of skills of the personnel in our industry. Moreover, if before the low qualification of installer led only to the need for re-installation and to some increase in the volume of consumables, now with introduction of the natural refrigerants, the negligence and low qualification of specialists can cost life and health. The industry has long been seriously interested in improving the level of competence of its participants, but only now there appeared convenient tools for the regular increase of this level. In particular, now the control of qualification is exercised by the self-regulated organizations (SRO). Issues related to their activities will also be discussed in detail within the business program; in the discussion would take part representatives of the authorities as well as top managers of SRO, the largest industry associations and HVAC companies. By the way, the self regulated organization NP "ISZS-Installation" is to hold its traditional general meeting of members during "World Climate - 2012", and would share its experience in creating a regulatory basis for the sector. The visitors of the exhibition "Climate World - 2012" would have the opportunity to speak directly with the developers of these standards and find out all the issues associated with their use.
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