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Mini-VRF-system Airstage

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29 May 2012

Fujitsu General Airstage is a mini-multi-zone system of the last generation, designed for comfort cooling of such facilities as cottages, country houses, large apartments, hotels, restaurants and small offices. Systems are easy to design, compactness, ease of installation and operation, energy efficiency, a wide choice of indoor units connected, and a large allowable length of the track.

Outdoor units are represented by three systems Airstage models, which are identical and differ only in the body cooling capacity: 11.2, 14 and 15.5 kW, respectively. For the outdoor unit, which admits downloading up to 130% of rated power, connected by two to nine indoor units.

The total length of refrigerant lines can be up to 180 m (the length of one branch - no more than 120 m) height difference between outdoor and indoor units - up to 30 meters. Improvements to the refrigerant circuit performance by increasing the length of the route is reduced slightly.

Extended operating temperature range ambient air (from -5 to +46 ° C in cooling mode, from -20 to +21 ° C - in the heating mode) ensures high system performance under different climatic conditions.

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