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International Ariston advertising campaign

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01 June 2012

The company Ariston Thermo Group, a world leader in the field of heating and water heating equipment, launched a unique advertising campaign, developed by the agency DLV BBDO, in Russia and in major international markets on May 1, 2012. The central idea was to use the famous landscapes of Italy to translate into Italian a comfortable lifestyle, which give the boilers and water heaters Ariston.

The creative strategy of the new campaign is based on three main advantages of product Ariston: Italian-style, ergonomic design and energy efficiency. To deliver key messages to the audience, DLV BBDO used textbook Italian landscapes: from the idyllic Tuscan countryside to the sunny coast of the rocks Faraglioni of Capri. Thus, clearly demonstrates the link between climate and warm Italian products Ariston, which emphasizes the slogan "The Italian temperament of your home." In Russia, the campaign takes place in May-July 2012 and is located in the major life-style, popular science, construction, interior design, and specialized media and on billboards in various cities of Russia.

In Russia, along with the campaign from the DLV BBDO, May 1 was launched ads updated line of water heaters VELIS. Posters and materials for publications, media-developed creative advertising agency Artsom WP, demonstrate the unique proximity of the maximum cylinder that combines innovative technology and stylish Italian design, to cutting-edge gadgets. Campaign materials are located in key life-style, popular science and the automotive media.

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