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Pro Aqua Duo pipes

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09 August 2012

The company "Egoplast" presented the new metal polypropylene pipe Pro Aqua Duo. The pipes favorably differ from the analogs due to the ease of installation and durability. The pipes Pro Aqua Duo have benefits of both metal and polypropylene. Thus the reinforced aluminum layer protects from the penetration of oxygen into the system and reduces the linear pipeline elongation, it makes the system durable. As a result, it is possible to increase the distance between the supports by the system installation, as well as to reduce significantly the number of joints. In addition, the central location of the aluminum layer facilitates the installation, since there is no need to smooth the pipe out. It is necessary only to part-off the pipe.
The main advantages of pipes Pro Aqua Duo:
- Easy installation;
- Durability;
- The linear expansion coefficient is less in 5 times compared with non-reinforced polypropylene pipes.
- Reduced cost of installation due to the decreasing in the number of necessary supports and the exception of the smoothing-out operation.

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