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Wi-Fi air conditioners in China

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22 October 2012

China begins mass production of air conditioners with column internal blocks which could be tuned via Internet. They will be manufactured by the Midea Corporation, owner of a professional HVAC brand MDV.
The "smart" air conditioners are always in touch with the owner. Give them the command using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. It does not matter how far away from home the user is.
"The air conditioner has access to a global network using a Wi-Fi-channel and the user by phone or computer can remotely check the status, indicators of humidity and temperature in the house," - Li Qiangwei, the manager of the Department of R & D in the direction of household air conditioners says.
The high-tech system that can understand gestures could make an automatic alert, leave a message, use VDP-management, system management Follow Me, remote diagnostics. The system contains all the latest protection against unauthorized access. The user could change the temperature or humidity for the conditioner by speaking aloud. At this time, the control system is available only in Chinese.
Until now, the unique air conditioning units with column internal blocks have been produced in limited quantities. It is expected that after the launch of assembly-line production not less than 2000 sets will be sold until the end of 2012.
Today, the project "The exploration and use of synergies Internet devices and technology universal relations", in which the new air conditioners are manufactured, is approved as a project of the international level and is financed by the "Industry Development projects Fund IOT» in the city of Shunde.

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