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Midea CAC Wins Governmental Villa Project in the UAE

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11:0011 December 2012

Good news from Midea CAC: it has succeeded in its bid for the United Arab Emirates governmental villa pro-ject, thanks to its stable and reliable product quality, excel-lent performance, and excellent technical services. The total value of the deal is $5 million.
Since 2008, the real estate development had slowed considerably due to the worldwide economic crisis. In order to solve the problem of a lack of housing for local residents, the King of UAE and head of Abu Dhabi developed plans to build nearly 2000 sets of villas and allot them to native citi-zens. The project was divided into two phases, with Midea winning the bid for the first phase, which contains 400+ vil-las. Midea is now bidding aggressively for the second phase of the project.
The central air conditioning system employs Tropical Condition Digital Scroll VRF outdoor units, with wall-mounted and duct-type indoor units. A sample system was installed for one of the reference villas for a non-stop, long-term reliability test, and a special team of consultants & ex-perts from UAE was invited to come to the Midea CAC fac-tory to inspect the laboratory testing. The tropical application series of products have shown excel-lent performance, high efficiency and high reliability even at the highest ambient tempera-ture (up to 54C). In order to meet the technical re-quirements of the owners and con-sultants, the R&D engineers specially set up a technical team to customize the corresponding control function and cooling sys-tem.
The United Arab Emirates, as one of the largest econo-mies in the Middle East, plays a very important role in the region. Winning the government project helps Midea to establish good brand recognition in the area, and to promote its digital scroll VRF product.
Concentrating on system stability and energy-saving, Midea CAC has strong communication with its consultants and design engineers during the project consulting, designing and bidding. This makes the actual project requirement clear and allows them to provide the appropriate proposal.
After 10 years of rapid development, CAC is now ready to compete for world class projects,‖ stated Peter Guan, president of Overseas Sales Company, from Midea CAC Division.
The momentum behind CAC‘s speed comes from their pursuit for technological innovation. Now Midea CAC owns a full range of products, from VRF and roof-top units to chiller units such as centrifu-gal and screw & scroll chillers, as well as AHU & FCUs, fulfilling most of the commercial ap-plications that are required to compete for projects like high-rise build-ing offices, ho-tels, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, gymnasiums, and residential use apartments & villas, etc.

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