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The project on energy-efficient lighting in Mordovia

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24 July 2012

The Ministry for the Economic Development of Russia summed up the competition program of innovative regional clusters. Participants from different regions of the country, with excellent results in tests iq, fought for the right to obtain financial support for innovative projects from the federal budget. Participants was 94 in March, is currently selected the top 25. Ten projects, which currently provides federal funding - the representatives of the Volga region. 13 out of 25 projects receiving federal assistance in the implementation. Others who entered the "second" group in need of additional refinement, and until the investment cost can not count. From Mordovia participated in the contest project, which concerns the scope of instrumentation - "Energy-efficient lighting and intelligent lighting control system." This project was included in the first group of leaders. According to the contest, these leaders will receive five billion rubles annually for five years starting from 2013. Co-financing of the regions will be the same amount.

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