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Chaffoteaux condensing boilers

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04 August 2011

 Chaffoteaux, a French manufacturer of heating equipment, starts deliveries of condensing boilers to the Russian market. The range of boilers is represented by three main series: Talia Green System, Talia Green and Pigma Green, and increased power boiler series: Talia Green System HP 45-65 and Talia Green System HP 85-100.

The Chaffoteaux condensing boiler system allows to reach a level of efficiency of up to 109%. The maximum energy savings is provided due to the condensation technology. Boiler series Green by Chaffoteaux save over 30% of annual gas consumption compared to a conventional boiler. The boilers have a full pre-mix burner which improves the process of combustion and provides reduction of gas emissions (nitrogen oxides NOx, CO2) that cause a greenhouse effect and acid rain. Easy installation is guaranteed through the wide range of accessories. It allows to use boilers in existing systems with weather-automatic boiler controls and solar collectors.

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