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Waterline hot water unit

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14 February 2012
In 2012 the product range of heat exchange equipment "Ridan" was complemented with a new product Waterline, a hot water unit for low return temperature.
The block is hot water for hot water and maintain its temperature at a constant level. The unit can be used in individual heat points and central heating points.

The blocks are manufactured as standard Waterline, in five positions of the nomenclature on the basis of three types of gasketed plate heat exchangers (HH № 08, № 20 HH, HH number 47) and five trim options that allows you to close the range of design loads within 0,01-3,0 Gcal / h
Structurally, the unit is mounted on the frame, equipped with the necessary automatic temperature controller on the basis of direct action or an electronic controller ECL, instrumentation, filters, valves and fittings.
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