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Compensation for the water meters

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04 May 2012
The Government of Murmansk region has adopted a resolution. According to it the low-income citizens - the owners of premises will be given monetary compensation in the amount of expenses incurred for the installation of cold and hot water meters. This is a REGNUM reported in the government press service of the region.
Compensation, which is limited to the sum of 3,500 rubles, appoint and pay the state regional state-owned institutions - centers of social support. The basis for payments to serve the application and documents certifying the installation of water meters and related expenses. During 2012-2013, for which the software is designed event that social support will have more than 5,300 low-income families who own the premises.
Funds for the compensation provided for in the regional budget in the long-term program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Murmansk region" for 2010-2015 and up to 2020.
Low-income citizens who reside in municipal housing, support will be provided in the manner specified by local authorities of municipalities with funds allocated for this purpose from the regional and local budgets.
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