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Euroclimate is 18

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01 June 2012

Euroclimate Company, the leading distributor of the equipment for air conditioning and ventilation systems, celebrated the age of eighteen on May 18, 2012. It is perhaps no exaggeration to say that Euroclimate is the same age as the modern Russian climate market and one of the most active participants of its formation.
Euroclimate has been working on the HVAC equipment  market since 1994. Since that time, employees of the company has accumulated vast experience in building air conditioning and ventilation systems at the sites of various levels and purposes. Qualified skilled professionals are ready to help in the full spectrum of issues: the project to provide expert advice, offer competent technical solution of the problem, implement the full integration of the object equipment, ensure that it is a qualified installation and service. As a major engineering center, the company Euroclimate became one of the founders of the Association of Climate Industry Enterprises (APIC) and a member of the Association of Engineers for ventilation, heating and air conditioning (AVOK). Well-deserved popularity among professionals enjoy the book series "Library Climatechnik", published by Euroclimate since 1999.
At the initiative of the company got itsEuroclimate distribution in Russia and CIS countries' World program to support the design ", which today includes more than 400 institutes and offices in Russia. Euroclimate company has the largest dealer network: collaborate with her more than 500 dealers in Russia and CIS countries. Today the company offers a full range EuroCLIMATE equipment for cooling, ventilation and central air conditioning system of any complexity. All equipment is certified and adapted to operate in the harsh Russian climate

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