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Kombi-Auto balancing valves

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30 March 2012
Honeywell announced the appearance of new automatic water balancing valves Kombi-Auto for pressure difference regulation. The Kombi-Auto is designed the same way as already existing Kombi-DU pressure difference regulators. It is a modular adaptable unit which allows the system modernization before the balancing valve with the help of membrane set on the static valve kit.

The Kombi-Auto series have a monoblock design, that makes it extremely comfortable for the facilities where the automatic pressure balancing is foreseen from the very beginning. At the present moment the Honeywell Kombi-Auto set possesses one of the highest flow rates in the market (Qmax=19’000 kg/hour for D=50).

Adjustment of Kombi-Auto is made with the help of flywheel and does not need additional tools. The current adjustment value is shown directly on the valve, the catalogue data are not required for the real value definition. The preset value could be fixed with the help of wire seal.

For the system start purpose Kombi-Auto has the possibility of change of the flow rate, pressure difference in the heating loop as well as pressure difference between incoming and outgoing valves. This provides total control of all system key points.

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