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Kentatsu DX PRO II

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07 June 2012

DX PRO II Kentatsu was installed in the Irkutsk branch of Sberbank of Russia. Sberbank of Russia occupies one of the floors of the new buildings at street Baikalskaya, 105A. The total area for air-conditioning is 1,000 m2.
Various options for solving the problem of establishing and maintaining the required microclimate parameters were discussed by the designers, and finaly multizone air conditioning system Kentatsu DX PRO II consisting of the outdoor units KTRX 400 and KTRX 450 and 17 indoor units KTVY and KTGY were chosen.
Inverter technology allows the system DX PRO II to change smoothly the performance in a range from 10 to 100%. It increases the efficiency of air conditioning systems and maintains a high level of users comfort. The system operates every moment in accordance with the actual heat load, this fact increases the accuracy of temperature maintenance, reduces energy consumption and load on the starting grid.
Outdoor units of DX PRO II are compact and have a modular structure which simplifies installation greatly. The total length of the refrigerant pipes can reach 250 m, the maximum length of the pipeline from the outdoor unit to the furthest indoor unit - 150 m (equivalent) and 130 m (actual). The maximum height difference between outdoor and indoor units is 50 m and the system provides cooling and heating. The lowest temperature is -15°C for the heating mode and the highest temperature for cooling can reach 48°C.
Today the installed multizone systems provide perfectly the set point temperature parameters and comfort in buildings.

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