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Kamstrup will hold a training

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20 March 2012
From the 20th to the 22th of March the company Kamstrup, a world leader in measurement solutions for the energy and water consumption will hold a training for technicians from partner companies operating in the field of heating in water supply systems and selling the Kamstrup products.

Educational seminars for technicians partner companies Kamstrup company conducts regularly for the past few years. This year, the Russian and foreign experts will demonstrate the latest technology solutions company, including features such as, for example, remote data transmission devices, as well as share their experience in the operation and maintenance of measuring equipment. The planned workshop on March 20, "Ultrasonic meters and metering MULTICAL ® ULTRAFLOW ®» will be presented technical capabilities Calculator MULTICAL ® 601, MULTICAL ® 602. Presented Calculator is used to account for the energy consumption of hot and cold water supply to the archiving of data in separate registers, counters, and they have the functions of control and measuring the leakage of energy in open systems. The specialists will have the opportunity to study features of the new generation of ultrasonic flowmeter - ULTRAFLOW ® 54-function self-test provided for in this model has no analogues in Russia.

Kim Christensen Hilgard - Head of Service, specialists tell you about the features of ultrasonic heat meters for residential account with remote readout. Olga Lomanova, Regional Manager, Kamstrup, will present a new implemented projects of the company to address certain technical challenges, including major shopping and business centers, for example, such as the Mega shopping center, business complex "Federation" and others
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