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Daikin nomenclature is changed

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01 August 2011
Daikin reports that the new blocks of the same performance 2MXS50H will be delivered instead of the outdoor multisystem units with two internal blocks of the series 2MXS50G (5,0 kW).

The principal changes are the following: the energy efficiency is increased in heating mode by more than 8% in the new products. the lower limit of permissible operating temperatures is also extended up to –15°C (in the previous G-series it was –10°C). The new units could be connected to the wall indoor units FTX-JV that have been used only in the split-systems till this time.

Outdoor units of the Daikin systems ‘Extra multi’ RXYRQ-P (22,4–49 kW, up to 29 indoor units) are changed too. The total length of the pipeline in the modernized units is increased up to 250 m (the previous value was 135 m).

More information about the updates you can find on the company's website.
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