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Spain Cuts PV Feed-in-Tariff

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17:5907 February 2013

Spain has announced a cut of 0.028% to its solar PV feed-in tariff, due to modifications to its consumer price index (CPI).

The government claims that changes to the CPI would help to reduce the country’s financial crisis and would result in consumers not having to bear the brunt of increased fuel bills.

The Spanish Photovoltaic Association, UNEF, rejected these measures stating that this was “undertaken with complete absence of dialogue, which does nothing but worsen a dramatic situation in which tens of thousands of PV investors are trapped by reliance on legal certainty in Spain”.

UNEF believes that changing the CPI will increase the number of companies “doomed to insolvency”.

Last week, Spanish PV company Siliken announced it had started insolvency proceedings.

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