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12 December 2011
Company Corelco, the French manufacturer of extrusion lines, will present its latest innovations at the exhibition INTERPLASTICA which will take place from the 24th till 27the of January, 2012 in Moscow. Extrusion technology developed by Corelco allows to produce light grids, which in this case have excellent mechanical properties and can withstand heavy loads. The company's participation in the exhibition in the pavilion "France" will give "Interplastica" visitors a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the original technologies of the company and their various applications.
Extrusion technology allows to produce a wide range of diverse grids, which could be applied in various sectors - construction, industry, agriculture etc. Linear stretching of extruded grid, which could be mono- or bi-oriented oriented, allows to achieve excellent mechanical properties. It could be made due to the molecular orientation of the used polymers. These grids are used for diverse applications: marking of different zones of the construction site, designation of underground infrastructure, mosquito nets, wire mesh fencing, protection of fruit trees - these are just some of the numerous applications of the grids.
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