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Interface modules LKNX

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09 November 2011

Arctic company presents new devices from an Austrian manufacturer LOYTEC. They are interface modules LKNX-300, LZIBI-800, LIOB-131 for programmable controllers of the LINX family.
The integration of these modules expands the quantity of supported network standards and makes the LOYTEC equipment indispensable for engineering systems with variable standards used.

LIOB-131 is a module for DALI devices management. It is designed to connect a single channel lighting control system, can support up to 64 devices and 16 groups of standard DALI, has a built-in power supply for channel DALI.

Interface module LKNX-300 provides in combination with various other LOYTEC products seamless connectivity of standardized bus systems via KNX TP1 and KNXnet/IP to the KNX world. Connectivity to several systems is supported. For mere gateway functionality, LKNX-300 is connected to the universal gateway LGATE-950, which supports connectivity to even multiple bus systems simultaneously. Using the LKNX-300 together with the freely programmable L-INX automation servers, KNX connectivity becomes available at automation level for HVAC applications. LKNX-300 can also be combined with the new L-ROC room automation system by LOYTEC.

Wireless connectivity through ZigBee PRO is supported when using the optional LZIBI-800 interface module which enables the connection of 20 devices. It could me used with router LZIBI-810 for the increased distance of wireless connection and the quantity of possible connected devices grows to 50.

The modules LKNX-300, LZIBI-800, LIOB-131 bus use LIOB bus which is a proprietary LOYTEC technology. It enables fast connection and configuration. These modules do not require a power supply, as it is fed via the LIOB bus.

Detailed information about LOYTEC equipment you can get from the company specialists.

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