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Geberit touchless toilet flush actuation system

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09 August 2012

Geberit Sigma80 is made for the most exacting demands in terms of design, hygiene and convenience. Geberit Sigma80 is suitable for Geberit Duofix UP320 and Geberit Duofix UP720 concealed toilet cisterns

Touchless toilet flush actuation systems have long been a standard feature in airports, concert halls and cinemas. Now touchless is increasingly becoming a requirement in hotels, office buildings and upmarket private properties. The new Geberit Sigma80 fills the bill with a high tech solution in a stylish design.

The Sigma80 is designed for use with a dual flush and fits every Geberit Sigma concealed cistern. Instead of two buttons of different sizes, the actuator plate features two light fields of different sizes. To trigger the flush, all it takes is a brief wave in front of either the large or the small light field. The servo technology integrated in the plate takes care of the rest.

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