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Infrastructure and solutions for data centers

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22 May 2012
On June 6th, 2012 in Khabarovsk, the conference 'Infrastructure and solutions for server and data center' will take place. The company HTS will be a partner of the conference. The conference, organized by platform DCNT, is aimed at technicians and engineers, project managers and customer representatives who are responsible for engineering and IT infrastructure, development of technical specifications and requirements for the design of servers and data centers. The company HTS will make a presentation on 'Innovative solutions in the cooling systems for data centers' at the conference. The report will cover the application of innovative technologies in the cooling systems on the basis of precision air-conditioning equipment STULZ, as well as solutions to effectively meet the challenges of eliminating 'hot spots' in the data center and directional cooling zones with high-density server equipment. When you register before May 31, participation is free.
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