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HTS sells Stulz AirBooster and Stulz AirModulator

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23 December 2011
HTS starts sales of a new series of air flow control systems AirBooster and AirModulator made by the German manufacturer of close control air conditioners Stulz.
STULZ new air flow management solutions AirBooster, AirModulator and AirBooster Pro, can be installed in minimal time in an existing raised floor and will immediately and reliably begin cooling hot spots.
Air flow system solutions from the STULZ AirBooster series are installed directly in front of the server rack, in the raised floor. Integrated sensors ensure that cold air requirements are automatically determined, and exactly the right air flow rate is provided based on the required temperature. All elements of STULZ air flow solutions utilise the same air conditions to the rack, and are controlled exactly in line with cooling requirements.

STULZ AirModulator has louvre dampers that are fitted under the floor panel and can be precisely positioned via a servo motor. This provides smart, efficient air control from the raised floor, using variable apertures to release only the volume of air actually required by the racks. The changing cooling requirements of individual racks are met by AirModulator's demand-regulated damper positioning. This means that the localised pressure resulting from fully open dampers under a rack will reliably cool it at maximum load.
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