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Systemair Topvex SoftCooler TR Cooling Modules

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26 November 2012

Topvex SoftCooler TR is a new series of cooling modules for Topvex TR, sizes 09, 12 and 15. The modules have been developed to meet the high comfort and energy requirements and provide very simple installation and commissioning.

Topvex SoftCooler is delivered as a separate unit module, factory tested and ready to operate. The module contains a complete ready for operation DX cooling system with a speed controlled compressor.

Installation of the unit is very simple:

    Topvex SoftCooler is installed between the fan sections
    Power supply is connected
    Prepared internal control wiring is connected to the Topvex electric cabinet.
    Drain is connected

Due to that the unit is fully tested at the factory the commissioning is fast and safe.

With a unique large control range of the cooling power the Topvex SoftCooler can keep the supply air temperature on a more precise level then other comparable systems. This gives a better indoor comfort in the premises. Due to that the cooling power can be adjusted against the actual need, in a better way compared to an on/off system, the system´s COP factor is positively influenced.

Topvex SoftCooler is supplied with complete internal wiring for quick connection to the air handling unit's control system. The cooler is controlled precisely after the unit's present settings and requirements. Alarm from Cooler is indicated in the unit's alarm panel.

Most premises only have a demand for cooling for a limited part of the year. Topvex SoftCooler has a unique function that automatically by-passing the condenser coil when there is no cooling demand. Fan energy and operating costs are thereby reduced. A by-pass damper is necessary for this function (accessory).

Thanks to the logical location of the components in Topvex SoftCooler the rotating heat exchanger can also be used for cooling recovery. The heat exchanger automatically starts for cooling recovery as soon as the temperature conditions between the extract air and the outdoor air are correct.

This type of unit gives off the condenser heat to the exhaust air. The cooling output is therefore directly dependent on the current extract air volume, Topvex SoftCooler has a unique adaptation of the cooling power to the current air volume: the condensing pressure is sensed continuously via a pressure sensor. If the condensing pressure approaches the upper permitted limit (for example because of that the extract air filter is clogged), the compressor speed is automatically reduced but only so much that the condensing pressure does not exceed the upper permitted limit. The outcome is then that the pressure switch alarm can be avoided, operation is secured and the unit cools at the maximum output that the condition permits.

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