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30 new models of home-use Eco Cute units

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03 October 2012

Hitachi Appliances released 30 new models of home-use Eco Cute units, including those specifically designed for cold climates, in its ‘Niagara Hot Water Delivery’ series. The models adopt the company’s own ‘water service direct pressure system.’
Eco Cute is the name of a water-heating system to boil water by the heat pump method, which is very economical and eco-friendly.
Eco Cute consists of a 'heat pump unit' to absorb the heat of air and heat water up to approx. 90 degrees, and a 'hot water storage unit' to store water. In the heat pump unit, the heat of air is changed to energy with the heat exchanger for the air, and the heat exchanger for the water heating boils water using this energy. The reason why Eco Cute can boil water with less electricity is that it uses electricity for collecting the heat of air only.
In fact, it can boil water with one third or one fourth of the electric power consumption of that used to boil water by electricity only.
Eco Cute uses CO2 as a refrigerant to absorb the heat of air. Unlike chlorofluorocarbon, CO2 used as a refrigerant is an ideal natural refrigerant whose ozone-breaking factor is zero, without combustibility and toxicity.

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