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Hilton installs Green Roof, CHP systems

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28 April 2012
The Hilton New York – Manhattan’s largest hotel – has installed a green roof and cogeneration system.

The green roof supports local farming and plays host to locally grown plants harvested from an upstate New York farm, Hilton says. The foliage and roots of those plants naturally absorb airborne pollutants, which in turn prevents carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, the vegetated rooftop deflects solar radiation and reduces the thermal load, reducing the energy previously expended in cooling the property.

Also situated on the hotel’s fifth floor rooftop setback is the 1.75 MW combined heat and power system that Hilton expects to provide 50 percent of the hotel’s electrical power and over 40 percent of its steam consumption for heating and hot water requirements. It should reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint by 30 percent – eliminating around 10,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year.

Hilton New York consumes over 23 million kWh of electricity per year.

The cogeneration system will consist of seven natural gas-fired, 250 kW energy modules manufactured by California-based SDP Energy, and is expected to be fully operational by summer 2012.



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