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Grundfos will protect St. Petersburg

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15 March 2012
Protective constructions in St. Petersburg from flooding is a complex of dams and related hydraulic structures located in the Gulf of Finland with the total length of 25.4 km. The composition of the GLC has two navigation openings (C1 and C2) with the approach channel, six culverts (B1 - B6), eleven dams (D1 - D11), six-lane highway with a tunnel, bridges and interchanges, passing on the crest of the dams.

Navigation passes C1 - this is one of the most important buildings of the complex. It consists of floating segment closures, road tunnel under a navigable channel (channel width - 200 m depth at the threshold of - 16 m), and other engineering structures to ensure their functioning. Segmented gates (caisson) in the normal state are in the 'dry' docks. With the threat of flooding dock chamber filled with water, caisson float it out to the middle of the fairway, reducing the intensity of the impact of surge waves on the waters of the Neva Bay. When the danger of flooding recedes, caisson give birth back to the docks and the water pumped out. The latter, namely, drying chambers dock, provides equipment Grundfos. For these purposes, pumping stations to the north and south sides of the navigable channel is set on three series of Grundfos pump unit S1 (vertical dry installation). The premises of these pumping stations are located in the body of monolithic reinforced concrete structures construction C1, at elevations below the water level. The diversion of drainage (seepage) water that may accumulate at the lower end of hydraulic structures, provide a Grundfos submersible pumps mounted stationary series S1 (set at around minus 22 m of a year).
All pumps are manufactured in a Special version: the flow of protective wear-resistant coating applied, submersible pumps are equipped with additional corrosion protection (anodes) installed impellers in stainless steel.
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