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GRUNDFOS saves energy

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14 May 2012
As part of the energy conservation program at the water intake facilities in Sochi the outdated machines have been changed with modern energy-efficient GRUNDFOS pumps. According to the specialists of the branch "SochiVodokanal" "Yugvodokanal" the installed equipment will reduce energy consumption for lifting water up to 30% and reduce the burden on local stations, thereby freeing the needed power for Olympic facilities.
The reconstruction program for the four wells, and the chief of the Central Mzymtinskogo intakes. The planned replacement of obsolete pumps with new submersible units GRUNDFOS SP 215 series began last year. The equipment is designed for pumping untreated water and highly resistant to large concentrations of sand. Pump components are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life.
"In addition to increasing the reliability of our services for Sochi residents, the replacement of submersible pumps allow a 30% reduction in electricity consumption for water lifting and reduce the burden on local power substation," - said the chief mechanic of Sochi, Valery Rudnev1 water utility.
Reducing energy consumption by one third, sparing mode operation of the equipment increases efficiency - the advantages of the new pumping equipment is installed at the facilities of the branch "SochiVodokanal" "Yugvodokanal", the press-center of city life.
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