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Grundfos Project Award

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30 November 2011

Grundfos Project Award is given among engineering students and students in other fields who have made their final projects in cooperation with Grundfos. In addition to the honour each winning project gets DKK 25,000.
This year’s winners of the award for engineers are Rune Frederiksen and Jesper Pedersen from The Engineering College of Aarhus. They win the award for their project about ”Mixing loops with integrated regulating valve”, combining already known solutions and design in a new way. This has contributed to Grundfos being able to optimise specific products to make them require less space and become more flexible.
Sofie Borberg from Aalborg University has made her winning, mercantile project for Grundfos’ Technical Marketing. With her project about “Communicating quality across borders” she analysed the way in which Technical Marketing in Denmark cooperate with the Chinese satellite department. The focal point of the project is cultural understanding and knowledge sharing.


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