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Grundfos will become an Apple dealer

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23 March 2012
Remote controlling via iPhone, iPod and Android telephones will be introduced with the new MAGNA3 pumps.

You would not expect to see an Apple product as part of a pump producer’s product range. Nevertheless, this will soon become a reality as, in future, Grundfos customers will be able to purchase and iPod Touch for remote control communicate with future MAGNA3 circulator pumps.
Product Manager Henrik Frederiksen explains that a new trendsetting pump deserves a more up-to-date remote control than Grundfos R100, which has been used to date.

- Therefore a decision was made to develop something new, but instead of starting from scratch and developing our own remote control, we took as our starting point products that our customers may already have, because they may be used for other things too, he says.
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