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Gree in the USA

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16 August 2011

Gree operated eight factories before opening the new representative office: five in China and three in Brazil, Pakistan and Vietnam. The overseas plants contributed 20 percent to the total annual income 2010. The sales volume  reached the record amount of 9.4 billion dollars.

Gree USA will give Gree an instant presence in the U.S. market and access to industry leading in innovation and design. At the same time it can provide a number of job opportunities for the region.

Gree president Dong Mingzhu said that Gree, with advanced technology and excellent product quality, would make people know that China Manufacture can be the best in the world, adding that Gree will also want to do its share and provide some help to the United States at a time when its economy is in recession.

All Gree USA workers come from the locality, including the senior vice president and sales director.

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