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GREE became the «Climate Control Awards»

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26 January 2012

The ceremony was held in November 11th ,2011, in Atlantis Hotel (Dubai). The inaugural of Climate Control Awards was to recognise those companies that have plied their trade with honesty, daring, enterprise and with commitment and intent to work for the betterment of the region and the world atlarge from a long-term perspective. The award was given for the sixth time by the magazine Climate Control Middle East.
Gree was awarded with a Climate Control Awards as the Best Manufactureand Supplier by virtue of it’s stable quality , advanced technology and consumate channel in the local market . As a new brand in the UAE market , which entered the UAE market in 2008, achieved great success in the local market with the promoting efforts made by the agent NIA Limited , the sales increased rapidly despite the adversity brought by the crisis.

The first gentlemen from the left isMr.Surendar, Editorial director of Climate Control Magazine.
The second from the left is Mr.Zakir Ahmed, managing director of NIA Limited.
The third from the left is Mr. M.T.H.NIA,president of NIA Limited.
The first from the right is Mr. Frédéric Paillé managing director and associate publisher.

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