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Solar Thermal Systems in Poland

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13:2504 December 2012

The obviously positive trend for the national solar thermal industry will not be threatened by a lack of funding. This July, NFOŚiGW increased the programme's budget by 50%, from Polish Zloty (PLN) 300 million to PLN 450 million.The amount is said to provide grants for another two years, in order to continue covering 45 % of a system’s purchase and installation costs (see . 1 PLN was at EUR 0.23 as of November 2012).

The solar thermal grant programme has been one of the few NFOŚiGW-run programmes which have not been criticised by the Supreme Chamber of Control (SCC). This state body, which controls NFOŚiGW’s activities, published a negative report in July 2012 because the fund’s administrators had not spent PLN 2 billion (EUR 500 million) on promoting renewable energy sources. In a move which may be viewed as a response to SCC's criticism, NFOŚiGW has now increased the solar thermal programme's budget to one and a half times the original amount.


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