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Get ready the sleigh in summer

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22 March 2012
Spring comes into its own, and the least thing to think about is that the cold will return a few months later. The Russian proverb says: "Get ready the sleigh in summer, and the cart in winter." Indeed, spring and summer - is the best time for the preparations for the new heating season.
Despite the fact that the central heating system is the most common method of heating during the winter many home and even apartment dwellers use individual fireplaces and tiled furnaces. In order to make their application safe and effective it is necessary to maintain equipment in proper condition. It is important to pay attention to the tightness of the furnace. Defects in welds, which are formed at high temperatures, can be a source of indoor smoke. However, thanks to modern sealants, repair, stoves and fireplaces can now own, without the involvement of professional builders. To fill the holes used specially developed for this purpose sealant for ovens company Soudal.
Soudal hermetic for furnaces is ideal for installation and repair of household furnaces and fireplaces. It is safe to use, contains no harmful asbestos and is resistant to high temperatures - can withstand up to 1500°C. Because of these qualities sealant for ovens Soudal protects the seams and holes in the ground, exposed to fire. It is particularly important that it does not crumble or crack when cured.
Applying a sealant for ovens Soudal does not require special skills. Like silicone, it is applied using a special gun for sealants. Thanks to the applicator of this product can be sealed, even a very narrow slit. Sealant for stoves Soudal gets into all the outlets from which the smoke can get out of the firebox.
Sealant for stoves Soudal is available in 300 ml cartridges.
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