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Gnutti Sebastiano & Figli Spa is now a part of RBM

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22 February 2012

The Italian company RBM has significantly expanded range of their products through the purchase of another Italian company Gnutti Sebastiano & Figli Spa. The latter is well known in Italy and abroad as a manufacturer of high quality ball valves. The acquisition of a new company with an own product line has made RBM one of the main players in the market of products for heating and water supply.

With the acquisition of GS Gnutti Sebastiano & Figli Spa RBM introduced spherical valve products under its own brand name. The new line includes the spherical valves for water and gas as well as stop valves, ball valves, admission valves and motorized valves. Currently RBM SFERIKA offers products under brand names RBM and GS. Two brands vary in price and constructive typology of spherical valves. The GS valves have a maneuvering pin from the outside (the system allows to remove the lever and tighten the clamping ring by the leakage). The RBM valves have a maneuvering pin from the inside (a system called anti-explosive).

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