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Condair Dual 2 hybrid humidifier

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16 November 2012


The Condair Dual 2 hybrid spray and evaporative humidifier offers ultra-hygienic performance without the high energy costs of steam humidifiers. It is the ideal solution for applications that need large humidification outputs, close humidity control with low operating costs.
The humidifier can provide up to 1,000kg/hr of moisture to an air handling unit at ±4%RH while operating on just 0.35kW. As nearly all the mechanical components are located outside the duct, most maintenance can be undertaken without having to shut down the AHU.
Hygienic operation is assured through a combination of active silver ionisation, the use of pure reverse osmosis water and purge and drain cycles to ensure that microbial growth is kept to an absolute minimum.
To demonstrate the totally hygienic performance of the Condair Dual 2, the independent SGS Institute Fresenius in Germany undertakes ongoing regular checks on multiple systems and has certified the humidifier to maintain the most stringent hygiene conditions.
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